(Cucumis sativus)

Approx. 1,100 seeds/oz. 1/4 oz sows 100' of row. Direct-sow 2-3 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1-2". deep, 8-12" apart in rows 36-72" apart. Seeds germ in about 7 days. Days to maturity are from sowing.



Handsome slicing types with reduced bitterness in their genetic makeup, these fruits have more tender skins which are believed easier to digest than regular cucumbers. Very popular with Fresh Mkt.




Cucumber Disease Codes


Parthenocarpic, or " Seedless" Varieties:

These varieties are able to produce fruit without pollination. When grown in isolation from other varieties, the ovules do not develop into seed, but remain soft and light colored, enabling the production of fruit with “seedless” flesh. Since seed are not set, fruit quality can last longer on plant and in storage, and the flesh can resist developing bitterness associated with mature seed.