Approx. 1,200 sd/oz. Hybrid pkts contain 25 seeds; 1/4 lb. produces approx. 2,500 plants. Seeds germinate in about 7 days. Transplant 6,000 plants/acre. Set plants 12" apart in rows 60-84" apart. Days to maturity are from sowing.

Melon Growers, Note

We suggest you grow the correct type of melon for your market. Shipping types are especially resilient with lasting quality for long-distance market. They do, however, taste fine if grown for fresh market. The varieties we recommend for local or home garden are best used near where they are grown because they have a softer rind/skin and may not hold as well.

Eastern Types

Western Types

Sensation Series

High quality speciality melons with improved professional production, shipping & shelf-life.

These melons are bred for earliness, disease tolerance and high yield

Orange Flesh Honeydew


Specialty Melons

Personal Size Melons


Melon Disease Codes